If you're trying to put together a bag that you can just pick up and head out camping, an army disposal store can be a great place to start. Inside these adventure havens you can find everything you will ever need to get out into the wild and onto your next adventure. On top of this, you can find a few great items that you might not find in your average camping store. These can make your camping experience all the more enjoyable.


Army disposal stores will always have a decent selection of dry food bags to choose from. These bags are perfect for use as a backup emergency meal, or if you don't fancy planning out your own meals, you can take enough for the entire trip. These meals are not as bad as they are often made out to be and will surprise you with how tasty they are. Not to mention the fact that they are packed full of extra nutritional benefits to give you that extra bit of energy. The ease of which you can make yourself a decent meal will make your camping trip that much tastier.


Army boots are special. These boots are built to last and to take an absolute hammering along the way. When taken care of, army boots will last and last, becoming like a second skin. Whilst they might not be as fancy as a pair you could purchase on the high street, they will more than compete when it comes to durability. Once broken in, they will be as comfortable as any boot. Army boots are great value for your money, and your new boots will soon have hundreds of miles and plenty of stories attached to them.


A swag is essentially a very small tent, designed for ultra-light back backing. They are mostly designed for a single person, although you can find ones to accommodate two or more people if you don't mind a bit of a squeeze. Whilst you might find one or two of these in a high street camping store, your army disposal store will have a much greater selection. Perhaps you are looking for a waterproof all weather one for year round use, or just something to zip over your head and act as a fly sheet to keep any wildlife out of your sleeping bag. You'll be able to find a swag that lines up perfectly with the use you have in mind for it. 

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